Lunar Defense:
The Game

Astronomers on Earth discover a large object just
outside the solar system, hovering near the Oort cloud.

As scientists study the body, a new object is found -
a comet caught in Magna-Oort's huge gravitational pull.

The objects collide. Astronomers are quick to discover
that a rain of galatic flotsam and jetsam is heading
directly toward Moon Base Tyco.

Tycho Base is completely unprotected from the coming
deluge. Linear accelerators, formerly used to launch
small payloads into lunar orbit are modified to
become gun turrets.

You have been drafted into the Lunar Defense Corps.
You must keep the sky above Tycho Base clear of debris
as the base is evacuated. You are expendable.

Hold out long enough, and you might just live long
enough to be rescued.

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